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Transforming the Roundabout at Heritage Road and Kimball Avenue


Be part of history-making in Golden by volunteering to assist with this groundbreaking resident-driven public art project. We are working with neighborhoods and schools, small businesses and companies to match funds provided by the Golden Public Art Commission. Never before has there been community-wide fundraising involvement for the design and placing of public art within Golden. 

Your knowledge and skills would be vitally important to achieving success.  Whether your focus and contacts are in the local schools or in civic, social or outdoor groups, your knowledge can help us build community with these groups towards Golden public art. 

Your services as a volunteer can be offered for a couple of hours a week or a couple of hours a month.

Let us know how you can help Golden and contribute to this art project by e-mailing or calling 303-278-7465.

Here are some examples of potential volunteer needs:

Event planning

Brainstorm and assist in doing exciting events to inform and fundraise for the project. Events to include on site at the Kimball roundabout, within area neighborhoods, Golden venues, and community-wide

Event Assistance

Short-term assistance in setting up an event doing what it takes to make it fun, memorable and contributes to meeting fundraising goal.


Adult or student who can make a series of attention-getting videos for the public art project that will be uploaded to YouTube and play on AWEGO's Facebook and website.

Social Media

Need someone who enjoys creating content and sending out attention-getting, informative, and fun emails, Tweets, a Blog, and postings to Facebook to draw attention to the project and events to create interest in making donations.

Publicity Assistance

Assist in writing publicity pieces for newspaper, Informer, Facebook, flyers, and social media to "get the word out" about upcoming events, accomplishments, and items that will attract attention.

Elk Dropping Stuffer

Requires putting labels on the Elk Dropping Bags, putting in the premium dark chocolates, and folding the bags correctly.

Elk Dropping Delivery

Provide merchants with a quantity of Elk Droppings, collect checks, write receipts. Check in with merchants periodically.

Company and Corporate Contacting

Approach companies located in Golden about donations and/or sponsorships in support of the local community public art project.

Advisory Board

Willing to provide personal expertise to AWEGO on diverse topics to make this a successful community project.

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AWEGO * P.O. Box 18263 * Golden, Colorado  80401