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Transforming the Roundabout at Heritage Road and Kimball Avenue

Who We Are

Did you know that Golden has never funded neighborhood public art projects, so for the first time in 157 years, we are conducting the first ever community fundraising for public art in the city.

This is historic in itself.

AWEGO is a community resident group that is spearheading a public art work of a mother elk and two calves placed in a new roundabout in the south area of Golden. Since this art work will be located on city property, we do have assurances from the Golden Public Art Commission that when we meet our fundraising goal, they will match the dollar amount. This will ensure the mother elk and two calves will be integral part of the artwork within Golden.

These four-legged sentinels will greet visitors and daily commuters coming into Golden from I-70 down Heritage Road and into the central part of the city. They will be seen by residents on their daily commutes and children on their daily rides to and from school. The sculpture named "Protecting the Future" will honor the Golden Elk herd that people talk about as the herd makes its seasonal visits through the town.

What started out as a simple community art project has led to new policies by the Golden Public Art Commission and a new way of looking at neighborhood and residential involvement in recommending and funding public art.

Golden has many attractive pieces of public art, all of which were donated or loaned by specific individuals or groups and more recently selected and bought by the Public Art Commission.

AWEGO is laying the groundwork whereby any neighborhood area within Golden can identify and now have the policies to determine what they would like in their areas.

Heritage Road borders a small part of the historic Bachman Ranch and site of a future city park and open space....and the place where the elk herd hangs out during its visits. "Protecting the Future" is a traditional piece that fits our heritage area. We recognize that other areas of Golden might desire more contemporary, stylistic art. Through our efforts, we are laying the groundwork for that to occur. Diversity in public art is what brings another layer of vitality to our small town.

By participating in this endeavor, you are helping to demonstrate how public art can build connections and community throughout our city and awaken other neighborhoods to what they can do to continue to beautify Golden in the future. 

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AWEGO * P.O. Box 18263 * Golden, Colorado  80401